Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ginger and Mint tea

Finally, the very hot weather has packed up overnight and left Melbourne...well for a few days anyway...we don't have air conditioning, so for the past week we have had our place locked up to keep cool...we are enjoying having all the windows and doors open this morning. Currently we are being entertained by a family of birds on our balcony eating seed we leave out for them every couple of days. They seem to be embracing the cooler weather too. What are you drinking this morning? We have just made some ginger and mint tea. The mint we picked from our herb garden. It's such a refreshing natural way to start the day! We thought we would share with you our very easy recipe.

See baby bird keeping cool amongst our basil

Ginger and Mint tea

x2 Long clear glasses
Mint leaves
Ginger, sliced very thinly with skin left on the outer
boiled water

place boiled water into 1/2 glass
Add ginger and let brew for 5 minutes
Add rest of boiling water to glass
Add mint leaves, stir and let brew for 2 minutes
Wrap a napkin around centre of glass to grip with your hands when drinking
(you don't want to burn yourself!)


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