Friday, January 20, 2012

Granola Get up and go!

Consuming Granola (like roasted muesli) for breakfast will give you a great start to the day! It has incredible textures and crunch with a load of ingredients packed full of punch. This breakfast/snack recipe will give you loads of energy and help improve digestion.
Once you make granola in your own kitchen, you will be hook line and sinker.

Our Get up and go! Granola
Our recipe makes about 1KG;

65 ml sunflower oil
270g rolled oats
120g bran
170 g sunflower seeds
120g sultanas or raisins (you could do 60g raisins 60g sultanas)
160g dates
120g dried apricots
120g hazelnuts
120g walnuts
120g wheatgerm
80g Flax seed flakes (optional)
170g honey
*we have also add roasted macadamia nuts on occassions

Preheat oven to 180 degrees
Over low heat pour oil and honey into pan. Let honey melt completely
Place oats, bran and sunflower into a bowl. Remove pan from heat and add honey to bowl mixing well. Spoon mixture out onto large baking tray
Roast mixture for about 20-25 mins, turning mixture and spreading again three or four times to ensure even roasting and no burning, then leave to cool
Roast the hazelnuts until golden brown (about 8-10 mins). Once roasted leave to cool and then roughly chop, along with the walnuts, apricots and dates
Once mixture has cooled, mix all ingredients together, place into a dry air tight container - will last up to 1 month

**some ideas when serving granola;
 - Granola can be served with milk and your choice of fruit. We love blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and another great combo poached (or raw) sliced pears or apple

 - Granola can also be served with yoghurt - plain greek yoghurt or your choice of flavour, served with fruit

 - Granola can also be served with a berry coulis

Our Mixed Berry Coulis Recipe;

450g Mixed berries (frozen are just as good and cheaper)
70g Fruit fructose (maybe less, you decide)
a squeeze fresh lemon juice
2 tbs water

Berries in pan before turning to coulis/jam
Over low heat place all ingredients into a non stick pan and cover with lid for 10 mins
Check after 10 mins to make sure consistency is firm - if not allow to simmer with lid off for a few more mins
If you prefer no seeds, then the next step is to strain the mixture through a sieve (sieve will collect seeds and you can collect the coulis into a bowl)
Transfer the hot coulis into a sterilized jar and seal it up with tight fitting lid
Once opened, keep in the fridge
Can also be used as a great topping on ice-cream, pancakes or as a syrup in milkshakes

Berry coulis
***to sterilize jars, bottles simply by boiling water in a large pot, place the jar or bottles into water ensuring they are fully immersed. Also add the lids allowing them to float separately. Let them boil for 30 mins, then carefully remove them with tongs, tip upside down on clean tea towel to allow to dry (or place onto baking tray and allow them to heat dry in oven for ten minutes) then add your mixture to sterilized jar and you're done! Really easy.



Belinda said...

Absolutely Beautiful Blog ...Glad to see you having so much fun with it.... I will definately give some of these recipes a go! Love to see an 'Indian food' spread one day ...dhaal etc...yummy!

Kristy and Adam said...

Hi Belinda,

Thank you for your lovely comments about our blog. Glad to hear you will be trying some of our recipes! Please keep us updated on how they go! We love to hear feedback :) Thanks for your support as we begin to grow x

Hails said...

Hey Miss Kristy, how much honey do you need for the Granola recipe?

Kristy and Adam. said...

Hello Haley, please use between 150g & 170g honey!!! We look forward to hearing. How it goes :)
K&A x