Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday's Cooking tip / How to Ripen Avocados

Need to ripen avocados quickly? Place avocados into a bowl or paper bag with ripe bananas! The ripe bananas give off a gas that helps to speed up the ripening process. This works for us every time and will give you ripe avocados for the following day, to enjoy as you so wish.


Jane said...

Hi Adam and Kristy,

What a helpful tip! Thanks for sharing that.

I love your blog! I'm so glad you stumbled across mine and introduced yourself.


masterofboots said...

Sounds like a handy tip. But it means you gotta eat up all those ripe bananas soon though, LOL!

Cheah said...

You've got a marvellous blog, interesting. I agree with masterofboots, need to gobble up all those bananas, ha, ha. Nice of you to drop by my blog, hope to see you more often.

Kristy and Adam. said...

Hi Jane - thanks for stopping by our blog! We kook forward to seeing you over here again soon and we will be sure to look out for your next post.

Best wishes,
Kristy and Adam

Kristy and Adam. said...

Hello master of boots and Cheah, thank you for your comments :). Best thing to do with those ripe bananas is to make a banana smoothie or banana and walnut cake! YUM :) We look forward to seeing you again over here and we will be sure to follow you too!

Best wishes,
Kristy and Adam